AI in Phishing: The Risk To Organizations


Phishing attacks are becoming more complex and believable with AI technologies. This leads to a significant vulnerability among organizations and institutions. Phishing attacks target the soft underbelly of any organization’s technological security measures, the people. No matter how complex cybersecurity systems become, the human aspect of cybersecurity will always pose a risk to the organization’s overall security. AI is now being used to create moving images and voice cloning, coercing victims into divulging information, which is then used by attackers to gain access to systems that contain confidential data. Higher Education Institutions (HEI) are much more prone to this type of attack due to the large number of people who work, teach, and study on campuses across the country. Therefore, HEIs must ensure that their entire organization, students included, are properly educated on the risks posed by phishing attacks. 

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I am a computer science major at Fordham University, working as an IT risk analyst assistant in Fordham University's Office of Information Technology.

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