Are You Allowed to Use AI in the Workplace?


A study has shown that many employees use AI in the workplace despite it not being approved. The study cites a lack of clarity in policy and a lack of education as contributing factors to why this unapproved use of AI continues to prevail in the workplace. Employees often overlook the possible negative effects of generative AI on their company.

Some examples of possible issues that can arise from the use of AI are hallucinations, data privacy risks, and copyright laws. All three pose a serious risk to a company’s reputation and operation. Therefore, companies and institutions must educate employees on why AI should be avoided and create frameworks that outline when AI may or may not be used.

These same issues pervade higher education. Educational institutions are not immune to the adverse side effects of improper use of generative AI. They, therefore, must partake in the same types of training and education as all other organizations.

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