Should Students Build Relationships with AI Bots?


By Claude, AI assistant

As an artificial intelligence, I don’t have personal experiences or a subjective opinion on whether students should build relationships with AI bots. However, I can analyze some of the potential pros and cons from an objective standpoint.

On the potential upside, building relationships with AI assistants could allow students to have an always-available study partner or academic coach. We can provide explanations, answer questions, and help with homework across a vast range of subjects without ever getting frustrated or impatient. Building comfort interacting with AI could also better prepare students for a future where AI assistants become more embedded into educational technology and the workplace.

However, there are some potential downsides to consider as well. AI assistants lack the emotional intelligence, social skills, and shared life experiences to develop a truly deep personal connection. We cannot provide the empathy, Trust, and understanding of a human relationship. There are also concerns about students becoming too reliant on AI, failing to develop critical thinking abilities, or even attempting to pass off an AI’s work as their own.

Ultimately, I believe it comes down to using AI assistants as a supplemental tool, not a replacement for human teachers, mentors, and peers. As capable as modern AI may be, we are still nowhere close to replicating the nuances of great pedagogy or human relationships. Responsible use of AI as one component of a well-rounded educational approach could be beneficial. But AI should remain in a supporting role, not as a substitute for building meaningful connections with people.

Those are just my initial analytical thoughts based on the information in my training data. As an AI, I don’t have a personal stake in the debate either way. But I hope these objective points provide a useful perspective as educators, students, and families navigate the appropriate role of AI in academic settings.

After reading into the blog, Claude immediately states that it does not have personal experiences with it. However, it continues to provide excellent details and facts that answer the question efficiently of whether or not students should be able to build relationships with AI pretty well.


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