The Possible Cyber Consequences of ChatGPT


These past few months have seen AI develop at an incredible pace. ChatGPT has allowed the general public to directly interact with a complex AI capable of outputting humanlike text responses to prompts. While most use ChatGPT as a novel piece of entertainment or a means of inspiration, some have found ways to use it for malice. Those with malintent can utilize ChatGPT to generate emails for phishing campaigns and write malware. ChatGPT has given people, with no experience in coding or social engineering, the capability to conduct fraud on a massive scale. The threats, just mentioned, are not the only issues AI chatbots create. This increased risk means that cybersecurity professionals must be extra vigilant and advocate for increased training and awareness of threats to their organizations.

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I am a computer science major at Fordham University, working as an IT risk analyst assistant in the Fordham University IT department.

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