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AI Image of OpenAI's Status Page

For several hours on June 4, 2024, a significant outage prevented millions of people from accessing ChatGPT, OpenAI’s chatbot based…

AI Image of a digital computer screen with a conversation between chatgpt and a user

The application of the GDPR to OpenAI’s ChatGPT remains undecided, and the lawfulness and fairness of data processing leaves OpenAI…

AI Google search engine on computer

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently discussed the addition of AI Overviews to Google Search. This new feature provides instant answers…

AI Image of a person signing a document

Senator Schumer (D-NY), leading a bipartisan senate AI working group, has released a roadmap for AI policy, which is a…

AI Image of a laptop on a brown wooden table

Slack, a cloud-based team communication platform, is currently receiving backlash for its privacy policy regarding its AI training methods. The…

News Image of Nissan Logo

Nissan North America has been targeted in a data breach where attackers accessed files containing the personal information of over…

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