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AI Image of a digital computer screen with a conversation between chatgpt and a user

The application of the GDPR to OpenAI’s ChatGPT remains undecided, and the lawfulness and fairness of data processing leaves OpenAI…

AI Image of a laptop on a brown wooden table

Slack, a cloud-based team communication platform, is currently receiving backlash for its privacy policy regarding its AI training methods. The…

GDPR Vending Machine with snacks

A recent application error revealed that a vending machine had been tracking and recording students at a University. Invenda, the…

GDPR Permission Slip by CR

Permission Slip, an online app, was created to simply the difficult process of removing personal information from websites. The application…

AI Cyber Lock

Data Privacy concerns individuals and our society regarding safeguarding their personal information. But, most recently, AI has presented opportunities and…

AI Open AI logo

OpenAI has been accused of violating European Union privacy following a multi-month investigation into its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, by Italy’s…

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